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IP Telecommunications represents the latest in voice communications. IP systems require a robust switched network with QOS. The IP phone system works in conjunction with your data network to provide true conversion of both data and voice. Generally, the voice processing is accomplished with a voice server that resides on the network and provides voice processing services for the owner. IP phones are capable of passing data through a built in switch that allows a desktop arrangement to share one data line for two purposes. The IP system also has redundancy much like the data network in that it has a mirrored server that serves as a backup and provides telecommunications services in the event of failure by the main server. Voicemail services are also server based.

Digital systems have provided reliable service for many years. They have a litany of standard features that have grown over the years to encompass virtually any feature you may need. They are housed in a self contained cabinet and have little or no interaction with the local data network, although several systems can be networked together if the customer so desires. They generally have no need for redundancy as their failure rate is very low and they have proven to be reliable over the years. Each handset generally requires a dedicated cable that runs back to the system and delivers the voice traffic. Voicemail services can be integrated into the voice processing system or can be delivered separately, depending upon the application needed.

Hybrid systems combine the best of both IP and Digital. With a hybrid system you can mix both IP and digital handsets to accommodate the needs of the users while still being budget conscious. For the users who require IP services, they can be assigned IP handsets and for those who require a fixed voice handset location, the digital handset is more practical. This system is particularly popular with schools and municipalities as it provides for upgraded technology with practical, economic use as well. <top>

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Physical Security
The emergence of IP technology in the surveillance field has allowed for greater flexibility and control of your video surveillance network. IP CCTV is ideal for those who have a robust switched network already in place or who are looking to have one installed. The flexibility to deploy cameras wherever you have access to a data port makes it easy to have a highly portable system that can change to meet your needs in a moments notice. IP technology has also allowed new systems to be viewable from anywhere you can get internet service. This makes for instantaneous access to your cameras from virtually anywhere in the world so that you can view and monitor your cameras at your leisure.
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Digital CCTV is a proven and effective tool for site based surveillance. Digital systems are ideal for those who do not have a robust switched network and have no desire to have one installed at this time. Digital systems allow for fixed viewing in a variety of conditions. From monitoring interior hallways to viewing outside storage facilities, digital CCTV has proven to be very robust and reliable. While viewing access has been greatly enhanced over the years, digital systems are best deployed in fixed camera locations.

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Controlling who can have access to your buildings is more important than ever. Modern access control systems do more than just allow people into the building if they have the right card. Access control systems can be programmed to allow certain classes of employees/individuals to have access at predetermined times. Access control systems can also track the time and dates of any and all participants who use their access device and tracks whether the access was allowed or denied. Remote access from anywhere you can get internet service will allow you to add and remove access devices on the fly. Reporting capabilities make for more efficient studies of traffic flow and access usage. <top>

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Network Electronics

Literally the back bone of any properly functioning network, the switching equipment you have will determine network performance. No piece of equipment ion your network will contribute more to the success or failure of any project. Over the years, many different Manufacturers and suppliers have come and gone (see 3COM). Many data closets today have a mixture of new and old switching equipment, sometimes from two or more different manufacturers. One of the greatest indicators of a slow or faulty network is its switching equipment.

RFP Solutions, Inc. is a factory authorized reseller of many different switches including Alcatel Lucent and Cisco amongst others. This allows us the flexibility to engineer and propose the best solution for you. From integration of copper and fiber to how end products will perform, your switching equipment is essential to obtain optimal performance. RFP Solutions, inc. offers free network assessments, including an evaluation of your switching equipment. Even if your switching equipment has been installed for only a few years, it may be time to verify performance. Todayís more advanced switches are not only faster and perform better, but they consume less energy than switches installed just two years ago. See how our free analysis can help you increase performance and save dollars at the same time. <top>

Structured Cabling

Slow network speeds are not just hardware and software problems. The problem could lie with the cabling that connects the entire infrastructure together. Many buildings were wired several years, if not decades ago. At the time they were state of the art. Now they may be slowing your network down.

RFP Solutions, Inc. offers all manner of cabling from simple Category 3 to the latest in Category 6A, and all fiber configurations. Most of our installations come with a lifetime guarantee on all parts and labor. We are certified by many manufacturers, including Belden, Leviton, Mohawk and others. We also install our own cabling, thereby keeping the cost down and the quality up for our customers. From copper to fiber, we install it all in a cost effective manner so you have more resources for other technology.

Itís not just about the cable. We provide everything from the connectors to the patch panels and patch cords. We offer a complete cabling solution so you can be assured of nothing but the highest quality. <top>

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Clock Systems
A new wireless clock system represents years of development in the refinement of traditional clock systems. Traditional clock systems have always had a myriad of problems, most importantly the inability to keep time accurately. They also use a great deal of electricity, making them quite inefficient. Modern wireless clock systems are extremely reliable and cost effective alternatives to traditional clock systems. They have the ability to keep extremely accurate time, to within a fraction of a second over the course of a year. They can be retrofitted to mount over an existing clock mounting plate or simply hung on a wall. There are also several sources from which a clock controller can get its timing. These include internal sources such as the timing from a data network, satellite reception or cellular. The clocks themselves work on batteries that have a five year life, making them virtually maintenance free. Programming the clock controller is simple and when they are coupled with a bell scheduler, they can make for a reliable bell system for any school. <top>

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Professional Services
The key to longevity in any of your systems is proper service. Well maintained systems perform better and last longer. RFP Solutions, Inc. offers service contract options on all of the equipment and systems that we design and install. We also recognize your need to be able to have a predictable appropriation of funds for service. For that reason, we offer service contract pricing on any new systems we sell that will remain the same for four years after the warranty period, unless you add additional equipment. This allows for effective budgeting and predictable expenditures. We also offer the flexibility of having two options on the kind of service contract you desire or can afford. We have a Standard Service which is a continuation of the warranty where all parts and labor are covered 24/7. We also have a parts only option, which costs less and covers any damaged parts. We simply bill you for the labor costs. The care and upkeep derived from a service contract will help your systems last well in to the future.

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing if you are being properly billed for services. We take the worry away from our clients by offering a free phone bill assessment. Not only do we review your billing for errors, we are able to identify overcharges, incorrect fees and other rate related inconsistencies. We identify the savings that you can accrue by having the billing corrected. The best part is that you get to keep 100% of the savings. We charge no fee and get no percentage of savings or commission.

A slow network is a sure sign that something is amiss. But how do you know what the problem may be? Not every organization has the staff or capabilities to assess the data network for possible problems. Thatís where we come in. RFP Solutions, Inc. provides free network assessments and shares the results and recommendations with you. We will review all hardware conditions, performance and state of health. We will provide you with a complete report that indicates areas of concern and a comprehensive plan to improve your districts performance. Our free network assessment can lay the groundwork for a long term plan to get your district back where it belongs. <top>